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What can you do as an employer?

The research found a link between precarious employment and wages, turnover rates and scheduling challenges. This can hurt a company’s bottom line through decreased productivity, absenteeism, and increased training costs. We have put together some resources that can benefit your business. If you have questions, please contact us through our contact page.

Find out how precarity is measured.
How do I become a living wage employer?
What about Nonprofits? How does the Muskoka-Kawarthas Service System Manager Champion Decent Work?

Fleming College’s Muskoka-Kawarthas Service System Manager (SSM) oversees all employment service providers in City of Kawartha Lakes, District of Muskoka, Haliburton County, Northumberland County, and Peterborough County. Serving both employers and job seekers, Muskoka-Kawarthas SSM delivers locally responsive employment programs and services ― with a goal to build prosperity in its region.

When providing incentives for hiring and training employees, Muskoka-Kawarthas SSM keeps decent work in the forefront by rewarding employers that provide productive work, pay a living wage, create a safe and healthy work environment, train employees in diversity and inclusion, and provide mentorship and skill development opportunities that lead to internal promotions. It also helps employers retain strong employees by offering job coaches to support effective onboarding and retention, a suite of skill development resources, and a review of workplace accessibility and accommodation needs.

The Muskoka-Kawartha SSM invites employers to collaborate with its service providers and to create a free account that will match employers to job seekers. For more information, visit flemingemploymenthub.ca.

Decent Work Checklist
This simple checklist can help you think about what decent work practices look like for your organization, and identify areas where you are achieving impressive decent work practices and areas where you would like to improve. Checklist developed by ONN.
What are the benefits for the employer to increasing the minimum wage?
  • Increased consumer spending in the local economy
  • Decreased turnover and re-training costs
  • Increased staff morale and loyalty
  • Improved productivity and service delivery
  • For more information, refer to the 2019 Living Wage Report
Where can I find more resources? Mental Health Resources - Training Modules

The PERI Reports

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