Decent Work Peterborough

Decent work for everyone strengthens individual businesses and it strengthens the community as a whole. It is about fair wages as well as a workplace that is safe, stable and inclusive. It is a win for everyone.

Precarious employment describes the absence of a stable job or working conditions that negatively impact social, economic, physical and/or mental health.

Do the people of Peterborough City and county have decent work?

In 2016 precarious employment research was done in the Peterborough Area by the Precarious Employment Research Initiative (PERI).  The survey results concluded that 62% of our sample described their employment situation as vulnerable. Not only were local Peterborough residents experiencing job insecurity, respondents living on the outskirts of the county were more likely to face precarious employment due to lack of accessibility.

The purpose of researching precarious employment was to learn how employment and working conditions are impacting the economic, social, physical and mental health of workers and their communities in the Peterborough Area.

Looks like much of Peterborough does not have Decent work.  What can we do?

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Decent Work Peterborough