Employee Resources

What resources are available for employees?

How precarious is your employment?
Try this anonymous survey to get your Job Precarity Score

Do you want opportunities that your current income is not providing?
Learn more about basic income guarantee and how it can broaden your opportunities in many areas: https://labourstudies.mcmaster.ca/documents/southern-ontarios-basic-income-experience.pdf

What are the benefits of Living Wage? A living wage:

  • Reduces the need to work multiple jobs to pay bills
  • Improves nutrition and reduces the constant stress of financial pressures, resulting in better health
  • Raises standards of living and quality of life
  • Provides opportunities for skills training to improve employment opportunities
  • Promotes social inclusion

Do you need support?
CMHA: Mental Health First Aid

If you have questions, please contact us through our contact page.

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